Ann started singing and playing piano in church when she was six and never stopped.

Her parents say that they never had to ask her to practice, but when it would continue late into the night they wished she would just go to bed.

As a teenager, Ann kept busy as an accompanist for choirs, soloists and instrumentals, touring extensively with bands, choirs, small groups and as a soloist.

Her first music job was playing piano for the worship service at Bethel Lutheran Church. (She made $13/ service)

Her favorite experience was touring as a soloist with an evangelist and getting to lead younger teens to have a relationship with Jesus. That started a lifelong desire to speak the truth of God's Word through music.

At 18, Ann recieved a piano scholarship given for pianists involved in ministry.

As an adult, Ann spent a year working as a paid accompanist and soloist for school competitions, weddings etc. Ann taught piano lessons for twelve years. While parenting her two girls and sometimes homeschooling, she feels privileged to be able to teach out of her own home. A people person, she loves getting to know the families she works for.

During Bible College Ann was influenced and inspired by the teachers and other students. They not only spent time studying His Word, but did what it said as the Holy Spirit revealed His Truth and equipped them for His service.

For the last seven years, Ann has led worship, played and sang in worship teams and has sang in choir at church. She has been privileged to watch God at work there and in many areas of the church.

In 2005/2006 Ann led and developed worship teams for Single Adults Learning Together, and led worship for Young Evangelical Singles. Both are thriving singles ministries at her former church in Calgary where people can meet other singles who are interested in growing as Christians and having fun in a safe atmosphere.

Ann started writing music at 18 and was surprised when friends and family wanted her to sing her songs at their weddings. Eventually she started sharing her songs in churches in the U.S. and in Canada.

Ann's song "Right here, Right now" was nominated for a 2006 CGMA Covenant award in the Jazz/Blues category.

As God reveals His Word to Ann, the lyrics become an extension of the reality of His presence in her own life. This is the reason for her music ministry. She wants her life to be surrendered to God to be used for His perfect plan.