"Ann led two different teams of musicians at Centre Street Church, planning to dovetail with themes in two different ministries, organizing practices, overseeing setup and leading worship two nights a week. She did this for two years and did a great job of not only providing worship but of recruiting and developing people along the way." - Rick Austin, former Community Pastor, Centre Street Church, Calgary, Alberta

"God's anointing & Ann's compassion for Jesus, truly flows from her heart in her music ministry & her personal life." - Pastor Paul Miles, Adult Ministries, District Pastor, Centre Street Church, Calgary, Alberta

"Ann Duval's music is so relevant today in our walk with Christ. Her words are encouraging, uplifting, and challenging. Her passion for Him is so strong as she shares her heart and her music with the audience that people are drawn to want to know more." - Lynn Gerhard, Women's Ministry Director, Grace Fellowship, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

"Ann's music creates a passion for God's presence. The worship atmosphere is reflective and anticipates God's glory." - Pastor Randy Junker, Grand Rapids Alliance Church, Minnesota